Alternative to ‘insert’ in mysql

There is one more method other than using “insert” statement to insert data in mysql tables. This method is to load data from a text (.txt) file. The text file from which you want to insert data into the given table should be in proper format.

Here’s an example how to do it:

suppose this is the table structure to which we want to insert data from a myfriends.txt file.

if you don’t have then you can create a table as given below:

CREATE TABLE myfriends (name VARCHAR(20), location VARCHAR(20), sex CHAR(1), birth DATE);

and the myfriends.txt should be like this:


and the statement to load the above given data goes as below:

mysql> load data local infile ‘myfriends.txt’ into the table myfriends fields terminated by ‘~’ line terminated by ‘#’;

where ‘~’ is the fields separator and ‘#’ is the row or line separator.

also the myfriends.txt file should be in the same directory where the bin folder is present.

Hope this helps you,
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