flowplayer with auto playlist and seperate caption file for each clip along with external control bar

Flowplayer is free to download and available at flowplayer.org

it also have all these examples i.e.

1) Auto Playlist, 2)Playlist with captions on clips and 3)HTML Control bar

but here i have integrated all of the above three in one file/ one player

you can find the demo at http://demo.avidindiainc.com/flowplayer/

and you can download the files at http://demo.avidindiainc.com/flowplayer/flowplayer-download.zip




Calling external javascript on button click in Flash

Calling external javascript in flash is really easy. just follow the guidelines given below:

create a flash button in flash.

single click on the flash button and open the action script window related to the flash button.

in the action script window please write down the following action script:

on (release) {

where JavascriptFunction() is the external javascript function that is to be called by the click of the flash button.

If you have any queries or questions please do contact me.


Sachin (samsami2um@gmail.com)