About Me

Hi people,

Let me introduce myself to you first.  I have done bachelor of engineering in Information Technology. And I am a software engineer by profession. When i was a newbie to this field of website development, i faced many issues in software development. So as it works for most of us i used to took help of goole and blogs. And at that time i got an idea to create my own blog so that i don’t have to search for the solution i know. That’s how i created this blog.

And one more thing, now i have even started freelancing. So i think the blog will be helpful to me in one or the other way to get some freelancing work ;).

I am working on LAMP (L=Linx, A=Apache, M=MySql, P=PHP) AND WAMP (W=Windows, A=Apache, M=MySql, P=PHP) technologies. I also have some knowledge in javascript, html, css and other web related technologies. And i can also accept work on other web technologies like .net, mssql as i have some resources who can do this for me.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi samsami2u,
    i find u r blog useful , i m a fresher to IT field n working as a php developer in a E-govern project for nearly 4 months … I heard Php is not having much scope to proceed …so thinking of changing platform …awaiting for u r suggestions …

  2. Dear Sachin:

    Just wanted to say: Magic moments sometimes just happen…You will find a very strong connection to someone…It can be to another person, or maybe an animal…You feel a humble respect and love…It is an amazing feeling that I felt when I stumbled on your Blog while searching “How to paste HTML code for my Blog.” I am a Physician by profession and Google is best tool I have to find up-to-date Medical Information. I need your help but will converse about that latter as we get to know each other.

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